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After achieving a lifelong goal of exhibiting in Glastonbury Art’s annual On the Green Show, Carrie Ann Hubbard has continued to make strides in her painting career. Her abstract, mixed-media pieces have been displayed at various galleries across the state, such as the Bird’s Nest Salon & Gallery in Guilford and the Maple and Main Gallery in Chester. Last year she was even commissioned to create an original piece for the lobby of United Illuminating.

"Out of the Box, Carrie Ann Hubbard

“Out of the Box, Carrie Ann Hubbard

Her passion for art began when she was a young girl and remained strong as she headed to Syracuse University, where she received her BFA in graphic design. Drawing and painting “as long as [she] can remember,” Carrie recalls her high school art teacher as being an inspiration as she pushed Carrie to branch out and try new techniques. Today, her unique paintings are all abstract, but each conveys its own message. Many of her pieces consist of striking geometric shapes, while others channel a more natural element, with images of leaves, trees, or flowers. Some lean almost toward surreal landscapes – an example being “Freedom Range,” which depicts an empty field with a single, barren tree; while others, such as “Flowing,” possess the sharp and exciting style typical of abstract works. Still another piece, “Curves,” pairs soft brush strokes with warm colors to evoke the feeling of a rising flame. Even pieces done with harsher brush strokes and straight lines have a pleasant air of serenity about them. In truth, the power of Carrie’s paintings is something one should experience for oneself.

Produced on canvas with acrylic paint, most of her pieces combine wood, metal, and textured paper in some form. Carrie’s process entails mixing the paint on her canvas – she likes to “put it all out there and see where it goes” –  and then carefully laying out her materials. As a result, one can see the elegant paths formed by the brush strokes. Sometimes, to add extra texture and dimension, Carrie drags a palette knife through the canvas, or presses bubble wrap into it.

Certainly not intimidated by color, she uses every hue from deep blue to pale golden in her work. However, in any one piece her selection is usually limited to a few shades chosen very deliberately, either to contrast starkly or to blend together beautifully. Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of her work is its open-endedness. Titling her works with nonconcrete, conceptual names such as “Motion,” “Glory,” and “Leftover Summer,” Carrie Ann Hubbard makes a point of leaving the interpretation to the viewer. In fact, her 11-year-old daughter is the mastermind behind the titles. If it were up to Carrie, her pieces would all be named “untitled 1, untitled 2…” to avoid “putting an idea in someone’s head,” and to allow one to “see what they see.”

The freedom and creativity she allows her audience is mirrored in her own work. Carrie does not hesitate to venture beyond the standard elements that she incorporates into her artwork. A favorite piece of hers consists of an old paintbrush that she couldn’t part with, painted yellow at the tips, and stuck to a canvas.

In addition to painting, Carrie also works as a graphic designer. After 15 years of working with one company, she recently started her own print and web design business called “Possibilities Design.”

Over the past six years of her membership in Glastonbury Arts, Carrie’s work has been shown at the Art Walk as well as the On the Green Show, where it will be featured again this September. As she expertly balances painting and designing, both outlets for her endless creativity, Carrie will no doubt continue to be a noteworthy member of Glastonbury Arts in the years to come.

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