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World Traveling Artist Stan Sperlak

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Enjoy a demonstration and lecture by Stan Sperlak, World Traveling Pastel Artist! The program will be held on Wednesday, October 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Friends Room, Welles Turner Memorial Library, 2407 Main Street in Glastonbury.

Stan Sperlak, Back Country Maui, pastel

Stan Sperlak, Back Country Maui, pastel

Got Art continues its fall season with a program featuring renowned pastelist Stan Sperlak. Mark your calendar so that you don’t miss this presentation. Stan is not only an accomplished artist, but also a very highly regarded teacher whose workshops and lectures are always well received. A quick review of the student testimonials on his website makes it clear that he is a gifted teacher who leaves a lasting impact on his students while imparting valuable insights about technique and composition. Plans are being made for a Glastonbury workshop with Stan in June 2016, so this program will also provide a preview of what you might expect at the workshop.

Stan was born in Colorado but saw a great deal of the US as his military family moved to Hawaii, Minnesota, New York and finally Cape May, NJ. In every location, Stan enjoyed spending time outdoors. His love of nature and his appreciation of the diverse landscapes he experienced led to curiosity about the trees and plants native to each locale. These interests eventually led him to a career in landscaping, during which he built a successful business in Cape May County. Then at age 35, Stan enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, to hone his skills drawing landscape designs for clients. There he discovered that what he really wanted to do was to be a painter. He chose to work in pastels, the medium he had enjoyed as a young boy. After years of working with pastels, Stan says that he has come to appreciate the sculptural quality of this medium. He notes that you can mold pastels, break them, smash them, roll them together, rub them on the paper, blend them with your hands. “There are so many things you can do with pastels that interest me.”

Stan Sperlak, Country Vista, pastel

Stan Sperlak, Country Vista, pastel

In 1997, Stan purchased 37 acres of farmland, forest and marsh along Crow Creek in Goshen, NJ. He built a studio and teaching facility there, taking advantage of the serene landscapes to conduct plein air classes. Stan teaches his students how to work fast like he does, and encourages the use of strong colors to be truly expressive with one’s work. He stresses the importance of learning about light, being aware of the atmosphere and how it changes your perception of a landscape at different moments in the day. “Keen observation and a clear understanding of quality of light help to create landscapes that convey a mood and a moment.” The marshes, fields, shorelines and skies of the Mid Atlantic are the primary focus of Stan’s current work. His cites as his strongest influences Robert Henri, George Inness, William Lathrop and NC Wyeth.

While Crow Creek is the primary facility for his teaching, Stan has also taught in Maine, Colorado, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maryland and has been invited to speak and teach at art centers across the US. He is currently represented by galleries in Cape May and Stone Harbor, NJ, Philadelphia, Scranton, PA, Wilmington, DE, Annapolis and Snow Hill, MD. His works are also in the permanent collection of the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, NJ.

Stan Sperlak is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society, and a member of the Pastel Society of Colorado. He is also a member of the Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.

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