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Larry Preston

April 29, 2020glastonburyartguildExhibitorsComments Off on Larry Preston
Larry Preston, Apple Juice

Larry Preston, “Apple Juice”, oil

“I paint what I find beautiful. I do not paint to be relevant, for an audience or make any statement other than the beauty to be found in the objects I choose to paint. If the viewer chooses to attach some meaning to my work, that would be their prerogative. I find that, in this modern world, there is too little observance of the beauty in our surroundings. The real importance in our lives. I paint to remind myself what I find important and beautiful and to experience the process of painting my chosen object. I paint for myself and the process. I am very pleased that my work resonates with people.”

Video: Six Wild Apples, Quick Version



Larry Preston, Mandarin Oranges

Larry Preston, Mandarin Oranges, oil



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