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Neal Drobnis

May 8, 2020glastonburyartguildExhibitorsComments Off on Neal Drobnis
Neal Drobnis, glass figure

Neal Drobnis, glass figure

My pieces draw on a multitude of sources including the visual language of nature, architecture, the figure, and cultural iconography. I find new ideas everywhere, in museums of ancient artifacts as well as books, magazines, and travel experiences, shaking them up and putting them together to make them my own.

The goal is to create ultra-modern artifacts, individual objects that can enhance the human environment, questioning preconceived notions of material and time.

The fluidity of the glass medium makes it an expressionist art form, transparency brings the colors to life, and the contrasts between textures enhances the tactile experience.

These are many of the qualities I feel within my being and the artistic process is the way to share my appreciation of the human drama of this our short time on earth.


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Neal Drobnis, Face vessel

Neal Drobnis, “Face” vessel

Neal Drobnis, footed bowl

Neal Drobnis, footed bowl

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