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Susan Grisell

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Susan Grisell, The Hermione

Susan Grisell, The Hermione, oil

Susan Grisell has devoted more than 40 years to her work as a painter, the only vocation she has ever had. Following the guidance of her long-time teacher and mentor, the respected New England impressionist painter, Bernard Lennon, Susan has developed a style marked by faithfulness to nature. Her paintings are recognizable for their integrity with line and color that are true to what she sees and vigorous brushwork that conveys her response to the subject simply and without affectation.

Over the years, Susan’s work has won numerous awards, including first prizes at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in New York City and the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival in Mystic, Connecticut.

With an avid following of hundreds of collectors, Susan has in recent years chosen to eschew exhibiting her work at galleries, preferring instead to market her work directly to collectors, free of gallery markups and the legal restrictions imposed by gallery owners. Through her website, Susan looks forward to sharing these benefits with an ever larger family of collectors.


Susan Grisell, Crosstown Bus

Susan Grisell, Crosstown Bus, oil

Susan Grisell, Washington Square

Susan Grisell, Washington Square, oil

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