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Caryn's Studio

Caryn’s Studio

It’s not so much that he is looking at you, but rather looking back at you, as if you saw him first and then you caught his eye and then he felt a compulsion to stop, to freeze, to hold himself still until his small mind could run through the risks and possibilities of the moment.

It’s easy in this moment of contemporary art to dismiss portraits of animals as trite or kitschy. On the surface, there is nothing new in an animal painting. And yet. That is the magic of Caryn King’s animal paintings, to look into the eyes of a jackrabbit and see fear or to watch a rooster pass judgement over us or to stand before the pleading grace of a cow. What makes them relevant and important and brilliant is her ability to paint them staring back at us and for us to see ourselves a little differently.

Caryn King, Jack, acrylic

Caryn King, Jack, acrylic

Caryn King is a narrative painter working in acrylic and oils. After 14 years of making her living as a sculptor, intermingled with a few years earning her BFA in Illustration and working as a toy designer and an art teacher, King came home to painting exclusively. “I find my subjects close at hand…with my six amazing “pet” chickens! One of my main concerns is conveying emotion. When painting animals my goal is to share the individuality and inner spirit of each of my subjects.” Caryn’s studio is filled with animals from 6 foot cows to miniature paintings, and they seem to all have opinions and often have their eye on you.

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Caryn King, Molly, acrylic

Caryn King, Molly, acrylic


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