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Cathy Johansen

May 13, 2020glastonburyartguildExhibitorsComments Off on Cathy Johansen

Cathy at the easel.

I never thought that my hobby of long ago would become the career that I have today. My love of art began many years ago. As life rolled on, painting became a place where I found tranquility and a kind of meditation.

This is some of what I hope to share with my artwork. I think the magic of art is that it can change our perspective in a moment, and for me, bring a calming effect conveyed through the people and places that I paint. It connects us in a uniquely human way.

I always welcome commissioned work and I really enjoy creating something unique and personal for each client. Whether it be a watercolor rendition of your home or an oil painting of your favorite beach, it would be my pleasure to help you create a lasting memory.


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Cathy Johansen, Garden by the Sea

Cathy Johansen, Garden by the Sea, watercolor

Cathy Johansen, Sunday Brunch

Cathy Johansen, Sunday Brunch, watercolor

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