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Hannah O’Connell

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Hannah O'Connell, Australian Boulder Opal Righ

Hannah O’Connell, Australian Boulder Opal Ring

Hannah O’Connell’s creative journey began in 2006 when she “borrowed” a few pairs of pliers from her father, bought some silver wire from the craft store, and started wire wrapping different treasures from her gem collection. Today, Hannah’s skills have grown considerably as she continues to experiment with different way to manipulate metal.

“I love working with different materials,” says Hannah, “precious metal clay, sheet metal, stunning gemstones, and apply a variety of different customized techniques in my jewelry fabrication process. I utilize more traditional metal-smithing practices such as forging and soldering, but also love sculpting and carving designs which feature my own hand drawn mandalas and artwork.”

The vast occurrence of geometric patterns and textures found within our natural world deeply inspire Hannah. It is found everywhere from organic plant materials, to sound vibrations, down to a cellular level. Hannah collects small samples of organic plant material on her morning hikes, using them in her studio that day to create wearable pieces of art. These beauties from the natural world are often the catalysts for her work.

Hannah O'Connell, Silver Cuff with Turquoise Cabochon

Hannah O’Connell, Silver Cuff with Turquoise Cabochon

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Hannah O'Connell, Embossed Silver Earrings

Hannah O’Connell, Embossed Silver Earrings

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