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John Marmonti

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John Marmonti, Laundry time

John Marmonti, Laundry Time, oil

A classically trained graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, John has painted for 45 years and was involved with the graphic arts & illustration industry until the computer technology showed up in the late 1980’s and changed the way it was done forever. John studied under several practicing New York City Artists including magazine illustrator Norman Baer, art director Walter Marks, and renowned fine artist Nathaniel Goldstein.

John’s work is done using old school techniques, first gathering reference material, which may include posing models, developing small pen and ink thumbnail concept sketches, then developing larger drawings, and then on to the canvas for the final painting.

John’s art consists of some of his favorite topics painted in series, Amish scenes, Patriotic, movie images including a series of Harry Potter originals, and the American Indian Stargazer series that includes poetry written about each by a Cherokee Elder Indian friend from Texas. The Potter & Stargazer series travel in library exhibits in several states and involve children doing paintings and writing about the art and poems.  The library has a contest and chooses two of the favorite entries and a canvas framed print is awarded to each child.


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John Marmonti, Old Glories

John Marmonti, Old Glories, oil

John Marmonti, City Skyscape, oil

John Marmonti, City Skyscape, oil

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