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James Polisky

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James Polisky, silkscreen print

James Polisky’s whimsical and quirky silkscreen prints are a show favorite, flaunting a masterful use of calligraphic line, texture, color and shape. The simplicity of his artwork is a reflection of Polisky’s approach to life in general.

“I try and lead a very simple life,” says James. “I just try not to get caught up in things like the guy in front of me taking too long in the grocery line. I try and keep things as simple and as fun as possible. That to me is what it’s all about. It’s life. Make sure you enjoy it.”

In addition to showing his work in galleries and art festivals, his work is also featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, and a handful of book covers. In addition, he is fortunate to work with major designers within the wallcovering and home décor industry.


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James Polisky, silkscreen print

James Polisky, silkscreen print

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