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Paul Prior

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Paul Prior, Flowers in Ice

Paul Prior, Flowers in Ice, photography

“Photography, well where do I start?”, says Paul. “It is a passion for sure. Funny thing is I never really felt like I had a creative bone in my body, especially being color blind. I tried painting and it was hard for me with all the colors to use so I purchased my first “big boy” camera which was a Nikon D300 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Paul’s “wow” moment happened when he purchased a macro lens. With his lens almost inside the flower, he opens up a whole new world for us.

Photography is one business that can be challenging as everyone and their dog has a camera these days.  So, Paul is always innovating, trying different approaches. “I love it, when, at the art shows, kids look at a photo of mine and say wow how did you do that? I love telling them some tips that even with their phones they can accomplish an incredible photo.

Paul’s passion for photography shows is every piece and offers inspiration for all of us to follow our dreams.

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Paul Prior, Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Paul Prior, Antelope Canyon, Arizona, photography

Paul Prior, Landscape

Paul Prior, Landscape, photography

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