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Bryon Robinson

May 20, 2020glastonburyartguildExhibitorsComments Off on Bryon Robinson

Bryon Robinson is a master of the silkscreen print, producing imagery that reflects the action and dynamism of sporting events from baseball to football, field hockey to tennis, windsurfing to skiing … and on it goes. Bryon covers them all.

Silkscreen printing is a very exacting process, ensuring that each print layer is aligned with the next. It’s particularly challenging for Bryon’s fine line (0.35mm) artwork. “One would think that someone would have written about the ABC’s of silkscreening my type of fine line artwork,” say Robinson who has perfected his technique by trial and error over the years. “Yes, the silkscreen process is a pain in the butt, but when all the printed lines and colors are aligned on the media and the final version lies before me on the print table for judgment…excellent. Well, most of the time anyway.”

Bryon will gladly ship orders, originals and prints, free within the United States. International shipments require additional shipping charges.

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