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Lydia Tucci

May 25, 2020glastonburyartguildExhibitorsComments Off on Lydia Tucci

Each of Lydia Tucci’s handmade jewelry is an expression of my life experiences. “My fascination for how an abstract thought could be transformed into a tangible space, led me to pursue careers in architecture, interior design and set design. This background has shaped and inspired my designs,” says Lydia.

Her work – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks – draws upon both the organic curves and shapes of nature and the stark geometric forms found in architecture. Each piece is created by hand using traditional and modern techniques in her home studio.

“My goal is to create jewelry for everyday wear inspired by architecture, nature, and art. Minimal and timeless.”

Lydia Tucci, Retro Sterling Silver Cuff

Lydia Tucci, Retro sterling silver cuff

Lydia is a proud member of the Nutmeg Collective, “Connecticut’s Creative Chamber of Commerce.”


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Lydia Tucci, Kite Blue Topaz necklace

Lydia Tucci, Kite Blue Topaz necklace

Lydia Tucci, Aura post earrings

Lydia Tucci, Aura post earrings

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