Glastonbury Arts

 ADULT ART CLASSES, Start in January

Serious teens are welcomed to enroll in our adult art classes.

Jackie Jones, Down at Sawyers

Jacqueline Jones, Down at Sawyers, oil

This class is designed for those new to oil and acrylic painting. We will make our own value scale (black and white) as well as a color wheel. Participants will create a basic still life in black and white, learning how to apply paint to canvas and create a pleasing design. Next, students will focus on color mixing and then on to paint a simple landscape from a photograph.
Mondays, 9:00 – 11:30 am. Jan 8 – Mar 12,no class Jan 15 & Feb 19 ( 8 weeks)
Instructor: Jackie Jones
Fee: $250 ($240 for GA members)
Materials List for Class


Learn to draw what you see. This class stresses the use of proportion, perspective, value, texture, contrast, and  line quality to produce strong drawings. Lessons will be supplemented with instructor demonstrations and individual coaching. Subject matter will be provided in the form of still life or printed material. Bring a 2B pencil. kneaded eraser and an 11 X 14 inch drawing pad to the first class.
Mondays, 9:00 am – 11:30 am, Jan 8 – Mar 12,no class Jan 15 & Feb 19 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick
Fee:  $250 ($240 for GA Members)
See materials list

This class is designed for Beginner & Intermediate oil and acrylic painters. Students will learn the fundamental principles of painting methods and techniques with special lessons each week that will help students make good decisions and become better painters. Learn essentials: from a value sketch to canvas, color mixing and brushwork. We will work from still life and photographic reference.
Mondays, 12:00 – 3:00 PM, Jan 8 – March 12,no class Jan 15 and Feb 19 ( 8 weeks)
Instructor: Jackie Jones
Fee:$250($240 for GA members)
Materials list for class


Shauna Shane – Pansies

Still life is not only beautiful, it is an important building block to all other subject matter. Shauna will help you see the world in a way that allows translating what you see into a successful painting.  Emphasis will be  geared to their level.on design,negative shapes,seeing shadow,light,value;giving you the ability you need to reach the next level in your artistic achievement. During the first class Shauna presents an informative demonstration, discussing her thought process and techniques while she develops a painting from life. Subsequent classes will begin with a short demo to explain the concepts presented.  Shauna will provide each student with a specific and  meaningful instruction.
Mondays, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Jan 8 – March 12,no class Jan 15 & Feb 19 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Shauna Shane
Fee:$240($230 for GA members)
Materials list for class



Learn  drawing skills applied to people and animals.  Each class will begin with a demonstration and instruction that includes anatomy, light and shadow and seeing negative shapes.  Shauna Shane welcomes beginning artists as well as more advanced students.
Mondays,3:45 – 5:45 pm, Jan 8 – March 12,no class Jan 15 & Feb 19 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Shauna Shane
Fee: $240 ($230 for Ga members)
Material list for class


Shauna Shane, Still Life, watercolor

BRILLIANT  WATERCOLORS- Take the mystery out of this naturally expressive medium.  Learn to design and  plan your layout . Watch a demonstration and then practice brush techniques, “floating”color, and creating vibrant color with intense effects. Discover how to control this magical medium without stress. Some drawing experience is suggested.
Mondays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Jan.8 -Mar.12, no class Jan. and Feb.19 (8 weeks)
Instructor  Shauna Shane
Fee: $240 ($230 for GA members)
 Materials List for Class





Ramona Agro, Connecticut River, acrylic





TECHNIQUES WITH ACRYLICS – Explore media options to use with acrylics: watercolor, collage, and using medium to add bold texture. Learn color mixing with helpful drying time extenders. Try underpainting techniques to build your painting and the technique of “Pointillism” – applying paint in a mix of dots and brush strokes to capture the fleeting effects of light. Instructor will emphasize strong design and how to evaluate your composition.
Tuesdays, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm,Jan 9 – March 6,no class Feb 20 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Ramona Agro
Fee: $240 ($230 for GA Members)
Materials List for Class

ALL MEDIA LANDSCAPE PAINTING – Learn to render key elements of the landscape: water, reflections, sky, trees, and rock formations. Each of these elements can be mastered by stressing basic shapes, highlight and shadow, value, and texture. Instructor demonstrations and individual critiques help each student to progress at his/her own pace. Students may work from their own subject matter or from samples provided from the instructor.
Tuesdays, 9:30 am-12:30 pm,
Jan 9 – March 6, no class Feb. 20 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick
Fee: $250 ($240 for Glastonbury Arts Members)
Materials List for Class

This class will focus on basic and intermediate watercolor techniques using a limited palette of earthy colors (see materials list) .Good design, including the use of value and textures will be explored. Subject matter will be landscape oriented.  Weekly instructor demonstrations will be given. This course will allow students to proceed at their own pace with individual instruction during the class.
Tuesdays, 1:00 – 3:30 pm, Jan 9 – March 6, no class Feb 20 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick
Fee:$250 ($240 for GA members)
Materials list for class


Jacqueline Jones, Waterfall, oil

Jacqueline Jones, Waterfall, oil

PAINTING THE LANDSCAPE IN ALL MEDIA – In this class students will paint a landscape using  a photographic reference. The goal will be to create simple designs that have a strong foundation derived from a value sketch. Jackie will discuss the basics in values, composition and edges while painting out from your focal point. Students will learn to create a feeling of the landscape by expressing individual mark making, instead of just copying a photograph. This course will include an instructor demonstration and plenty of individual attention. All levels and mediums welcome.
Tuesdays 6:00 to 9:00 pm, Jan 9 – March 6, no class  Feb. 20 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Jackie Jones
Fee: $250 ($240 for GA members)
Materials List for class

PAINTING YOUR FAVORITE PLACES IN OIL – Do you have a favorite location that you have always wanted to paint, in your home town, at the Connecticut shore, or from your vacation travels? Students are invited to bring their photo references to this class where the instructor will provide guidance on composition, color mixing, and using the full range of values to render elements of a landscape, seascape, or views of town life. Some previous painting and drawing experience is recommended.
Wednesdays, 9:00 to Noon, Jan 10- March 7, no class Jan 24 ( 8 weeks)
Instructor: Katherine Simmons
Fee:$250 ($240 for GA members)

Materials list for class

Students will experience the fun of wet felting and needle felting while creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind winter landscape.  For the first class, students will make their 11”x14” ‘canvas’ using wet felting techniques.  In the second class, students will learn needle felting techniques to add detail to their ‘canvas.’  You’ll learn how to make textured bark for your trees, make rocks that almost pop off your piece and many other techniques to make your work stunning. If time permits, students will make a second, smaller ‘canvas’ in this class as well. The last class will be spent putting the finishing touches on your work. $15 material fee to teacher
Thursdays, 9:00 – 12:00, Feb. 22, March 1 and March 8 (3 weeks)
Instructor: Kristen Walsh
Fee: $100($90 for GA members)
Materials list for class


Picasso said  ” all painting is abstract”. In this class discover, or continue on, the fun adventure of thinking and working in the abstract and explore some of the many variations it offers. Early sessions will compare some of the approaches of the “masters” of individual expression.  Class emphasis will be on structure  and color with lots of individual guidance.  Each session will end with a group critique of work completed during the class.  All media and levels of experience welcomed.
Thursdays,  9:30- 12:00, Jan 11 – Feb. 15 (6 weeks)
Instructor: Barbara Jenkins
Fee: $190($180 for GA members)
Materials list for class