Glastonbury Arts

 ADULT ART CLASSES, starting in March 2020

Serious teens are welcomed to enroll in our adult art classes.

Jackie Jones- Home in the Tennessee Hills

Beginner to Intermediate Oil and Acrylic Painting – This class is designed for those new to oil painting and those who want more thorough “hands on” knowledge of color. Beginner painters will make their own black and white value scales as well as color wheel. The instructor will work with intermediate students to address individual needs. We will work from still life as well as photographic reference, proceeding from a value sketch to canvas, to color mixing and brushwork. All students will learn painting methods and techniques with special lessons to help students make good decisions and become better painters.

Mon., 9:00 am–12:00 pm, March 16 – May 4( no class April 20), 7 weeks
Mon., 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, , March 16 – May 4(no class April  20), 7 weeks
Instructor: Jacqueline Jones
Fee: $220 ($210 for GA members)

Materials list for class


Ramona Agro

Techniques with Acrylics – Explore the options for working with acrylics:watercolor, collage, and using medium to add bold texture. Learn color mixing and how to use drying time extenders. Try underpainting techniques to build your painting and the technique of “pointillism”- applying paint in a mix of dots and brush strokes to capture the fleeting effects of light. Instructor will emphasis strong design and how to evaluate your composition.

Mondays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, April 6 – May 18(no class April 13), 6 weeks
Instructor: Ramona Agro
Fee: $180($170 for GA members)
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All Media Landscape Painting – Learn to render key elements of the landscape: water, reflections, sky, trees, and rock formations. Each of these elements can be mastered by stressing basic shapes, highlight and shadow, value, and texture. Instructor demonstrations and individual critiques help each student to progress at his/her own pace. Students may work from their own subject matter or from samples provided from the instructor.

Tues., 9:30 am–12:30 pm, March 24 – May 19( no class April 14), 8 weeks
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick
Fee: $250 ($240 for GA members)
Materials list for class

Watercolor for Beginner and Intermediate Students – This class will focus on basic and intermediate watercolor techniques using a limited palette of earthy colors (see materials list) .Good design, including the use of value and textures will be explored. Subject matter will be landscape oriented. Weekly instructor demonstrations will be given. This course will allow students to proceed at their own pace with individual instruction during the class.

Tues., 1:00–3:30 pm, March 24 – May 19( no class April 14), 8 weeks
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick
Fee: $250 ($240 for GA members)
Materials list for class

Jackie Jones – Dreaming Tree – reed pen on canvas

Drawing Made Easy – Come learn to draw! Jackie takes the mystery out of one and two-point perspective in a step by step approach. Students will learn how to draw objects from life as well as interiors and exteriors. How to fit figures in a drawing plus many tips and techniques made easier. We’ll begin using pencil, newsprint and sketch books in the first weeks and later introduce gray toned paper (for our mid-tone).  Students will then add a finish in various conte pencils. Value, composition and mark making will round out more finished drawings in the later weeks.

Tues., 2:00 pm–5:00 pm, March 17 – May 5
no class April 20), 7 weeks
Instructor: Jacqueline Jones
Fee: $220 ($ 210 for GA members)
Materials list for class


Painting the Landscape in all Media –  – In this class students will paint a landscape using a photographic reference. The goal will be to create simple designs that have a strong foundation derived from a value sketch. Jackie will discuss the basics in values, composition and edges while painting out from your focal point. Students will learn to create a feeling of the landscape by expressing individual mark making, instead of just copying a photograph. This course will include an instructor demonstration and plenty of individual attention. All levels and mediums welcome.

Tues., 6:00–9:00 pm, March 17 – May 5(no class April 21),7 weeks
Instructor: Jacqueline Jones
Fee: $220 ($210for GA members)
Materials list for class

Finding Abstract – Students will explore the world of of abstraction using nature and various creative exercises for inspiration. This class is about learning to see the world beyond representation, to be bold and have fun. This is a small class with lots of individual attention Students should bring the medium of their choice (whether it is oils, acrylics or mixed media) and a sketch pad.

Wednesdays, 9:00 am–Noon,March 25 – April 22(no class April 15) 4 weeks
Instructor: Jane Zisk
Fee: $125 ($120 for GA members)



Bosworth-Washington Square

Pastel for Beginners and Intermediates – This class is for both new and intermediate pastel painters. Beginners will focus on starting the journey into the wonderful medium of pastels. You will learn about the materials, including hard and soft pastels, the wide array of papers from low to highly sanded, and time permitting, we will make handmade boards. Also covered will be underpainting, safety, gridding techniques and framing. The importance of building a solid foundation in pastel or any medium cannot be overstated. At the end of this class you will have mastered the key elements of creating a strong pastel painting and be ready to take the next step forward in your journey. For students already familiar with pastels, the focus will be on revisiting the process of planning your painting from start to finish, learning some new techniques and completing a painting with as much help as you would like from the instructor.At each session the instructor will demonstrate painting techniques using a variety of substrates and pastels, while utilizing still life objects or reference photos. At the end of each class I will offer a critique of each student’s work.

Wednesday,12:30 – 3:00 pm,  March 25 – April 22(no class April 15), 4 weeks
Instructor: Susan Bosworth
Fee: $125($120 for GA members)
Material list for class




Landscape Painting Techniques – This class will start with an emphasis on “good composition”, using basic fundamentals of choosing a color scheme, including the value of a limited number of colors. Drawing will be emphasized as it pertains to landscape painting.  One and two point perspective will be covered to create the illusion of depth within a painting.  Landscape reference material will be available from the library at Glastonbury Arts or students may bring their own. Demonstrations by the instructor will include both value drawing and painting techniques, including the use of a palette knife. Individual instruction will be provided during the class making it beneficial to all levels of experience in painting.

Fri., 9:30 am–12:30 pm, March 20 – May 22(no class April 10 and 17)8 weeks
Instructor: Dianne Gorrick.
Fee: $250($240 for GA members)
Materials list for class