Glastonbury Arts

Starting in January 2020 (ages 6 and older)

Getting Started with Printmaking (ages 8 -12) allows kids to try out different print-making techniques and paints. Printmaking is a rewarding art activity for kids and is a wonderful way to show cause and effect and, depending on the technique, to create multiple images. Time permitting, some of the techniques to be explored include monoprinting, styrofoam printing, printing with found objects, string and yarn printing, hand prints.

Mon., 4:30–6:00 pm, Jan 6 – Feb. 10(no class Jan. 20), 5 weeks
Instructor: Carly Donath
Fee: $145 ($135 for GA members)



Children’s Art

Art studio for Children(ages 6 -10) gives youngsters the opportunity to flex their artistic muscles and imagination. Each creative project offers children the opportunity to work with a variety of art media while being exposed to age-appropriate concepts. Class projects range from landscape to animal life to still life. Classes are small allowing each child to advance at their own pace, eager to advance to the next step.

Sat. Studio, 9:30 am–11:00 am, Jan 11 – March 7 (no class Feb 15), 8 weeks
Instructor: Carly Donath
Fee: $240 ($230 for GA members)