Glastonbury Arts

Starting in March 2020 (ages 6 and older)



Art studio for Children(ages 6 -10) – Children will carefully draw and sketch their individual idea of a beautiful spring day, choosing from a  wide array of butterflies, birds,bugs, bunnies, flowers, trees, bushes and even beetles!! And of course, a beautiful blue sky, with puffy white clouds may be part of a spring day! After their sketches are perfected, each child will transfer their sketch onto a canvas board, and carefully begin to paint!! Mixing and choosing colors,and techniques with a variety of brushes is a wonderful part of a great painting! The children will also create a three dimensional clay sculpture of their artwork!!!   It will then be carefully painted with all the beautiful colors in their paintings on canvas boards, when the clay is dry! We will work with colorful Model Magic on the day when the clay is drying!

Wednesdays, 4:30- 6:00 pm, April 8 – May 27(no class April 17), 6 weeks
Instructor: Ramona Agro
Fee: $210 ($200 for GA members)



Make Your Own Masterpiece(ages 6 -10) – gives young artists the opportunity to build artistic skill and knowledge while working on a project of their choice in an individualized setting. Students will explore line, shape, color, texture, space, form, and value to create 2D art based on their special interests. Color mixing techniques and observational drawing will be a main focus, and a variety of art media and materials will be used.

Saturdays, 9;30 – 11:00 am, March 21- May 23 (no class April 11 and 18), 8 weeks
Instructor: Carly Donath
Fee: $240($230 for GA members)