Glastonbury Arts


MAJOR PURPOSE: Responsible for maintaining, updating, and improving the Glastonbury Arts website. Responsible for training and oversight of volunteers to make simple updates to the website. Direct technical fixes to the website, as needed, with ex-officio, technical support. The website is built on a WordPress platform.

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Make updates to the website including changes in regular Class Schedule, Special Workshops, On the Green Show, Got Art Programs, special events, etc. Most updates are required quarterly, some are required on a monthly basis.

REQUIREMENTS: Proficient with WordPress, Microsoft Office Suite programs, and Adobe design programs such as Fireworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. Prior experience with social media and database programs is a plus.

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Strong organizational abilities and willingness to exercise initiative. Ability to work independently while coordinating with other Board members. Responsive to deadlines and shifting priorities.

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